Meta Verified: Authenticate, Elevate, and Empower

Written by Nakib Jahan

In an era of social media where authenticity and credibility are paramount, Meta has introduced Meta Verified, a subscription service designed to help creators, businesses, and individuals establish their genuine presence on Instagram and Facebook. This new offering provides a verified badge, proactive account protection, access to direct account support, and increased visibility and reach.

What is Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is a subscription service that provides a blue checkmark badge to authenticate your account on Instagram and Facebook. This badge indicates that Meta has verified your identity and that you are a legitimate public figure, brand, or entity. With Meta Verified, you can:

  • Establish authenticity: Showcase your genuine identity to your audience, boosting trust and credibility.
  • Protect your account: Receive proactive account protection against impersonation and unauthorized access.
  • Access direct support: Gain priority access to Meta’s customer support team for prompt assistance.
  • Enhance visibility: Increase your reach and visibility by appearing in more search results and recommendations.

Who is eligible for Meta Verified?

Meta Verified is currently available to individuals, businesses, and organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Complete profile: Have a complete profile with all required information, including a profile picture, bio, and contact information.
  • Active account: Maintain an active account with regular posts and engagement.
  • Authentic identity: Provide proof of your identity, such as a government-issued ID, for verification purposes.
  • Adherence to community guidelines: Abide by Meta’s Community Standards and consistently produce content that is appropriate for all audiences.

How to buy Meta Verified

  1. Check availability: Determine if Meta Verified is available in your region. Currently, it is available in most regions for creators and in select countries for businesses.

  2. Access the subscription page: Visit the Meta Verified subscription page on Instagram or Facebook.

  3. Review eligibility: Carefully review the eligibility criteria and ensure you meet all requirements.

  4. Initiate the onboarding process: Click on the “Start your application” button to begin the onboarding process.

  5. Provide verification documents: Submit your government-issued ID or other acceptable verification documents.

  6. Complete payment: Choose your preferred payment method and complete the subscription process.

  7. Receive verification badge: Once your verification is approved, you will receive the blue checkmark badge on your Instagram and Facebook profile.

Benefits of Meta Verified

Meta Verified offers several benefits to creators, businesses, and individuals:

  • Enhanced credibility: Establish yourself as a trusted source of information and build a loyal following.
  • Protection from impersonation: Safeguard your brand reputation and prevent imposters from exploiting your identity.
  • Priority support: Receive prompt assistance from Meta’s dedicated support team for any account-related issues.
  • Increased visibility: Gain a wider reach and attract more followers by appearing in more search results and recommendations.


The pricing for Meta Verified varies depending on your region and subscription method. In most regions, the monthly subscription fee is USD 11.99 when purchased from the web (Facebook only) and USD 14.99 when purchased within the Instagram or Facebook app.



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