Beautiful Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia & that’s where I am from.

I was born on 2 October 2004, in Ayanapur, a small village in Sherpur District, Bangladesh.

We are 4 brothers and I am the youngest.

I studied from my village till class 6 I passed PSC from class 1 to 5 from a school called Nachan Muhuri High School and after my mother died in 2017 I moved to Dhaka with my elder brother and in mid 2017 I went to a school .

I studied from 6th to 8th standard from The Scholars’ School & College.

Later I completed my PSC and got admission in Milestone School and College, a school in Dhaka Uttara, few days after admission the corona virus epidemic started.

My family and I went to the village for a few days when the lockdown was announced in Bangladesh, but after many days we no longer talk in Dhaka because Corona is normal.

Later I completed the ninth and tenth standard (SSC) examination from my village and came to Dhaka to study.

I have done various outsourcing jobs online before giving SSC exam.

I got addicted to the game during corona in class 9-10 and later I came out of the addiction and earned a lot of money with the game.

At that time I was earning 20-30 thousand taka per month. Currently I am working as a digital marketer and an entrepreneur along with my studies.


Since 2021

I have been selling digital services to various clients in Bangladesh and outside Bangladesh, such as actors, YouTubers and many other types of people.

I sold various services of a game called Free Fire in 2021, that was my first income, before that I also provided many types of social media services.

I still offer a variety of digital services.


Currently, I provide digital marketing and various services in addition to studies from Uttara, Dhaka.

Apart from this I am associated with several companies with whom I work in marketing apart from this I have my own company E-Zone.

I started E-Zone at the end of 2022 where I sell phone accories and various gadgets besides some other companies like ovio, swoccho, jackpot accories.

Apart from this, I provide various types of digital services to people of various professions from my personal Facebook page.


No one can tell what the future holds but I am now working as a digital marketer online with people from various professions.

Apart from this, I am also associated with various companies, but I have the idea of doing something big in the future, such as creating an online platform where all entrepreneurs can do any kind of digital service at a very low price.

Besides, I want to give great importance to my business.

I want to give a beautiful future to all the companies I am associated with. And I have thoughts that I will go abroad for my studies after completing HSC.